Cowford Chophouse Construction Update: December 2016

Following last month’s Topping Off Ceremony, which recognized the installation of the highest piece of steel, construction at the Cowford Chophouse continued on schedule through the end of November and early December.

The following tasks have been completed since the last construction update was sent on November 18:

• The first-floor concrete slab has been poured for both levels of the kitchen and dining room.
• First- and second-floor kitchens have been framed.
• Mechanical, engineering and plumbing (MEP) rough-ins for both kitchens (first and second floor) have passed inspection.
• All stainless steel ductwork for the kitchen hoods has been installed and inspected.
• The southwest corner of the building is complete, other than decorative masonry and cast stone.
• Exterior waterproofing is complete at grade level. Framing has begun on the soffits in the first-floor dining area.
• Ductwork, fire sprinkler piping and electricity are in the process of being installed in the first-floor dining area.
• All MEP for the first-floor bar is complete, and is now being roughed-in.

In the coming weeks, re-roofing of the Holmes Building will continue; installation of structural steel will be completed, including steel surrounding the building’s staircases; the slab for the second-floor dining room will be poured; the grout system on top of wood trusses for the second-floor kitchen will be completed; interior waterproofing will begin; hoods will be set for the first- and second-floor kitchens; and installation of the historic windows, masonry and cast stone will begin.

Upon completion, the chophouse will feature a two-story dining room, as well as a rooftop terrace bar and lounge. Danis Construction is providing the construction services for the project, and Design Cooperative is providing all architectural services.

NatalieCowford Chophouse Construction Update: December 2016